Should have chosen a different command.

How I ( the lawful good paladin) accidentally sent one of our barbarians to hell with a poorly chosen command spell.


It was revealed to the party that the lizardfold barbarian had made a deal with a devil that was trapped inside his shield. This lead to a confrontation between that barbarian and his assiamar druid friend who was in on the scheme against the half elf rouge and the kenku barbarian. In an attempt to stop the confrontation, my lawful good tiefling paladin of tyr, used the command spell telling everyone to drop their weapons. While this did stop the confrontation and began to fix the problem, large fiendish chains errupted from the shield that our barbarian dropped and wrapped around his body before dragging him into hell.  Apparently part of his deal with the devil involved not letting go of the shield and since he dropped it the devil got its revenge on the player.


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