SPLIT a fantastical dnd story.

My character has 3 personalities and this is the story of how they came to be.

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this story is brought by grimm999.

I am an avid dnd player. i love creating intricate characters and playing the weirdest of games. this particular game was a homebrew created by a relatively new dm this was only his second game ever. in this game the world we are playing in is essentially jumanji. we go through portals that take us through the different levels of the game. i join the game late and everyone is already level 14. so i begin to create my character. recentlh i had been watching shows with characters that had split personalities so i decided to do something i had never tried and create a character that would randomly assume a different personality at different times. and even better, the different personalities had different skills and class types. the first one i made was named guy he was a mastermind rogue that always wore a dark wooden mask and dark clothing. he didnt have much combat ability but he made up for it in his intelligence. he tends to be the guy that does things no one else thinks of. the other personality is named pixel. he is one of the bardliest of bards ive ever had the pleasure of playing he wore a white and red partylike mask and bright red cloathing. the only downside was again. he didnt have much combat ability either. but pixel will make up for it with his skills of persuasion and charismatic charms. now i said there were 3 personalities but i actually started with only 2 and the third one came along as a result of a particularly bad series of events. ill begind the story with guy. the setting is a dark building housing many odd items. there were shelves lining all the walls and as far as the eye could see there were the weirdest of items lining them. in order to introduce me into the game the dm told everyone as they walk through the shelves that they find me sitting inside of a cage. simply standing there not doing much of anything. after a moment of debate the party decides to set me free and i immediatly start walking forward ahead of yhe group. guy tends to be a very single minded and straightforward individual who never really stops for anything unless he needs to. the party doesnt question it seeing as the game thus far has been quite weird and most of them are all fairly new players. (i happen to be a seasoned veteran and i dm my own games but thats not important) as the party walks through the catacombs we eventually come across a door. and i find out along the way by listening to the rest of the group that we were sent here to fight a devil. if we defeat the devil we can continue on to the next level. we come closer to the doors and not being one to waste time guy simply opene them up and starts walking right in. the first thing we see is a tall man in a black suit but moments later he turns into a smaller woman holding a knife. it seems that this devil changes forms and shapes every few moments. guy was going to step right up to the boss and taketge first swing. but something stops him at the entrance aswell as the rest of the party. the devil looks at us all standing there and begins to speak. (i want to preface this moment by once again stating that this is a weird campaign.) hello. my name is skimpy jiggles. i understand that you have all come here to kill me… well. good luck… suddenl the restraints holding me back were released and guy immediatly fires an arrow into the demons face. it hits dealing a little damage but he seems mostly unfased. the rest of the party makes there respective attacks but we quickly understand that this devil is not going down so easily… now i would like to explain that in order to keep the personality changes random. i made it so that any time i would roll a 1 or 2 on the dice for any kind of check. i would instantly change into the other personality. and when it came back to me to try and fire another arrow. i happened to roll a 2. i immediatly change clothing and masks and end my turn. i have now become pixel the worlds craziest bard… another round of attacks go by not seeming to do that much. but when it come to pixels turn things take a turn for the very very weird… pixel decides to play some music which because of high rolls provides everyone with some advantage on there rolls. another round of attacks goes by significantly better this time thanks to the lovely pixel. skimpy jiggles quickly understanding that he cannot allow my enchanting music to continue steps over to me and proceeds to try and break my body. when he gets close i decide to extend my hand for a nice handshake. the devil takes my hand and for a moment im simply delited until he pulls me closer and stabs his sword clean through my chest bringing me down to half health in an instant. but do i let this stop me! never!!! i proceed to thank the devil himsef for the wonderful handshake. putting my arms around the devil to give him a big hug! and what was his response to this? well it was exactly what you would expect. he took his sword and started carving out my insides while i hugged him… this brought me down to a measily 10 hp from the 120 i started with. so now, being nearly at deaths door do i stop this foolishness and let the man go? never!!! i proceed to kiss the devil on the cheek! and with the dice gods at my back low and behold the natural 20… this kiss awakens the devil to an unnatural desire to love and protect this crazy ass bard thats been nothing but loving to him. he steps back looking at all the blood and immediatly grabs a healing soup that would save my life instantly. but it is at this moment while he heals me to completion that i cast feign death on myself. so to the eyes of everyone around me i am now dead… the devil that has just fallen hard for the crazy bard sees that he has just killed the only being he ever had feelings for… and proceeds to take his own life… the party believes i have died and with solemn care and heavy hearts i am carried back towards the portal. the mission is complete and it is time to move on to the next level. on the way back the party is met with a wonderful surprise as pixel the greatest bard suddenly springs back to life! hello comrads ge shouts!! then immediatly sets about his job of providing wonderful music for everyone. the party stands there in shock for a moment but quickly get over it seeing as the game is already weird… and that is the end of the first story. i will be posting more of these and if the youtuber that makes the dnd videos wants to contact me my email is "grimms0999@gmail.com" feel free to send me an email. and watch out for the rest of the story!


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