Steam detailed introduction-2 version

Steam detailed introduction-2 version


The Steam platform is currently the world's largest integrated digital distribution platform and the favorite platform for millions of players. Here players can do many things, such as recharge to buy games, download free or paid software, communicate with players online, upload photos or Videos and shared resources, etc. There are free and paid sections on the Steam platform, and beginner players can enjoy the right to the free section of the Steam platform.

On the Steam platform, there are currently only two ways for beginners to upgrade to advanced players: buying games and synthesizing cards, which can only add 1 point of experience. Unfortunately, it takes 100 experience points to level up.

Synthetic cards are also called semi-purchase synthesis. Because in the game, players collect only half of the total number of synthetic cards, and the other half needs to be purchased by the players. If you are an advanced player, you can upgrade quickly. If you are a junior player, don't worry, you Can use other platforms (such as MMOSO) to upgrade.

The higher the Steam level, the more difficult it is to upgrade, but after the upgrade is successful, you can decorate the homepage at will, add more friends and collect more cards. For beginners, a smooth upgrade is more difficult. But don't worry, there are other three-party platforms for ShiZhou. You can borrow a third-party platform to help you upgrade. But you need to pay attention, you need to find a reliable platform to avoid being fooled, I wish you a happy playing.


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