Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Suggests Eleven Fighting Monsters in an Upside Down World?

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Imagine being trapped in another dimension. Scratch that, imagine being trapped in another dungeon with a monster, alone. That is the crisis Eleven faces in the season to come, as revealed in the trainer. The fourth season of Stranger Things is set to air by the end of this year or at least by mid-2021. Official news is yet to be declared.

The TV show, The Stranger Things is based on Dungeons and Dragons, which allows in game characters to travel in between the real world and the parallel dimension. Little need be said about the horrific and nightmarish prospects this concept would bring to a TV show. There have been three seasons of The Stranger Things already.

Season 1 highlights

The first season starts with a group of best friends -- Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lukas -- playing DnD. Will ends up getting teleported to "The Upsidedown", a parallel dimension. The missing son's mother (Joyce) and brother (Jonathan) call for the police to rescue him. At the same time, an unknown food thief is on the loose. This is the titular Eleven, and she possesses superpowers. She is on the run from the Hawkins Laboratory as they want to conduct experiments on her ability. Mike, Dustin, and Lukas meet Eleven and decide to hide her. In time, Joyce discovers that her son (Will) is stuck in the upside-down world with Demagogue, a monster. Eleven ultimately manages to find Will, who is hiding from Demagogue. Eleven is actually able to kill the monster, but problems are far from over when Will gets his second dose of the upside-down realm when a tiny slug-like creature enters his mouth in the washroom.

Season 2 highlights

Eleven lodges at Hopper's place to remain safe from the laboratory's reach. A shadow monster appears when Mike is trying to contact Eleven. The monster's tentacles blacken and deteriorates all the pumpkins in the pumpkin farm. Will catches a glimpse of the monster before traversing realms. He is trapped in a hurricane on his way to returning home, and ends up absorbing the shadow monster's dark power. This new development means that should the monster is damaged, he also feels the pain. To expunge him of the power, the temperature is turned up to the maximum, rendering the dark power to be pulled out of Will. On the other hand, Dustin invites trouble after rearing a creature he finds in a basement, which ends up becoming another shadow monster. Eleven saves the day in the end by vanquishing all the monsters.

Season 3 highlights

The shadow monster turns out to be alive, and he plots to avenge himself by killing Eleven. This time, it is Billy who is captured instead of Will. Billy gets more character development as viewers get insight into his tormented past where he faced domestic abuse at the hands of his father. This repressed anger is capitalised on by the shadow monster, and he makes Billy murder people and absorb their powers. Hopper, Eleven's surrogate father, dies and with him dies Eleven's power as well. Rumors are circulating that Hopper is actually alive which is to be revealed in season 4.

What to expect in the upcoming season

Will Eleven's power return once she recovers from her father's death? Or will Hopper turn out to be alive after all? Will, Eleven, and Joyce are to leave town. Some Russian technology has made of of missiles to open the realm of the upside-down world and harness the power of monsters. The gates have been closed, though. Will those gates reopen? If the trailer is any indication, we have lots to look forward to in season 4 of The Stranger Things.

Ending Statement

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