DnD Story #110 – Surviving In Unusual Circumstances

i turned against my own team, became a prostitute and...


So my party and I were in a cave trying to find my diety Ptah and release him of one of the dark six. Well we were wearing cloaks to try to blend in with the guards that were there but my party members and I for some reason decided to split up. i came across a few guards and they asked who sent me. Well we got these cloaks at the west tower so I told them that the West tower sent me. they informed me that the tower hated them and were about to kill me when i decided to persuade them into thinking i was a prostitute that was sent to please them. well i succeed in persuading them and was taken into a room with the statue of my Diety (jackpot!) well, EVERY SINGLE guard came into the room and were all preparing to “have their way with me”, so my party members came in and killed them all, and thats the story on how i turned against my own team, became a prostitute and almost got gang banged



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