5e DND

  • How Aster the Joke Sorceror Became a Legendary Savior

    This story comes at the end of a campaign played in D&D 5E, a modern recreation of the Isle of the Sea Drake campaign from 1E. Our party was a rather odd bunch, and not necessarily for the better, composed of a chaotic neutral kenku bard named Cello, a true neutral homonculus artificer named Fred,...
  • Most chaotic and epic battle i didn’t plan to run.

    Quick background. I run a homebrew dnd 5e game with 3 friends and have been playing about 10 months now. We generally follow the rules but I generally lax them if I feel like it will make the game more fun. There was Renarto (paladin) loki (warlock) and Escanor (fighter). Renarto is a knight of...
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    How my party survived a no win scenario

    I’ve been a DM for about a year now and recently I switched over to using roll20 and playing online with my discord group.  what originally began as a one shot session on the day our DM couldn’t show up has become a full-blown campaign which to this date we have done six sessions in. ...
  • The breaking of Chains

    A copy of the full speech if you want to adjust the wording at all.  I have a story to share, one where a character of mine truly hits home for the first time as a veteran player. One of a tiefling character of mine who goes from silver spoon, to nothing, to finding what...
  • How the Cleric fooled everyone, even the party

    This story begins with myself and a group of friends from various games I've played with over the years. Our DM was a good friend of mind and encouraged out of the box ideas. The world in which we were playing is a soft homebrew world based loosely off a familiar enough campaign idea. However,...
  • One Flew Over the… Heavily Fortified Military Base??

    I'll do a run down of the party.  Attitcus Aldritch, human wizard Voldun Kreishnetch, elf ranged fighter Tianchi, aasymar monk (Tianchi also had a NPC dragonborn companion named Mei) Kikuchiyo, warforged fighter (basically the character from the Samurai 7 anime) At this point in the campagn the group is aiding the True King of Esterlain...
  • A Halo One Shot, Incident at the Biolab

    I would like to start this whole thing off by stating that i’m a new adapter to the DnD 5e format of play, I’m a DM in various other circles, mainly homebrewed games just for the fun of it, then call of Cthulu, but now making my way into dnd after having watched streams amist...
  • Why you dont mess with a Kenku’s favorite person

    A few years ago at my local game store, my riends and I were playing a game of 5th addition DND. I was a Kenku rouge sailor. I deliberately avoided using my assassin abilities because, I wanted a reveal. The rest of the party was a cleric of healing, a Loremaster wizard (unearthed arcana), an...
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