• How the Big Blue Naked Druggie Outwitted a Dragon

    This should be short. The setup: Me, a DMPC Paladin because my character was not ready yet, a Rogue, a Barbarian, and our hero, the Blue Genasi Wizard. To sum it up, yes he is blue. Yes, he was a Genasi. Yes, he was a Wizard. Yes, he never met a plant he did not...
  • Tiefling Warlock Gives a Speech That Saves a Doomed NPC From Death

    I joined a group with an acquaintaince of mine to run through the Curse of Strahd campaign using 5e rules. Unfortunately the game never reached its conclusion but my character managed to become so embedded into the plot that she derailed an entire segment in the best way. Spoiler alert for Curse of Strahd, I...
  • The Rogue’s Epic Fall!

    The Blight a dark and morbid setting where the dead walk the street to pay off taxes they earned in life, the party are all convicts and was set free by a lady in black and tasked with finding out where her mole had gone within a mafia type family. our adventures lead us to...
  • Leroy The Klutz: How to Start a Riot

    It was a random Saturday night with close friends when someone asked why we hadn't played DnD in a while. After a few moments fondly remembering campaigns from the past we decided to session zero a quick and fun little game. I was asked to DM as I was the most fimilar with the rules,...
  • That time I turned a child into paste whilst fighting a werewolf

    In the 5e game I’m currently part of I have a largely homebrew barbarian golem character, who has lived several centuries and is aligned as true neutral, not because he doesn’t have emotions, but more because he couldn’t care less about mortal concerns. I justified him needing to level up by saying that he spent...
  • The tale of Zed, The Armor Ghost

    I’m DMing a campaign for a few friends over discord, one of us could’nt make it this week, so we decided that i’d take them on a little side quest while the other person is away. Lots of homebrew content in this game. The party for this story consists of a Living armor wild magic...
  • DnD Story #152 – My campaign so far… Episode 1-5

    THE JOURNAL OF CORUS AHLORSATHDay 1I quickly found myself besieged by a people who’ve never heard of the glorious battles beneath the waves, or the valiant Tritons fighting and dying for their peace of mind.Day 5I have come across a small military force fighting a small force of two legged creatures. They seem to be...
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