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    Irralis, the Worthy King – Part 1: The Initiation

    This story begins when four travelers arrive at the entrance of Nurh Taoul, a small port town located in the southern region of Terracune. There, they met a female grung named Fannora and, upon being asked, introduced themselves to the frog-like humanoid. One was a female yuan-ti cleric named Hari; the second was a naga...
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    The Bookworm and The Thief

    Ok, some spoiler warning is needed: This story borrows a LOT from the Vessel of Stars web adventure for 3.5 (setting, monsters, npcs). That being out of the way, here we goooooo: prologue: This is a story from my second 3.5 campaing (my first one being a disaster but thats another story) I started DM...
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    tales of a lost realm

    Prologue               The tomes of question were given to us by an Elvish man bleeding profusely from every orifice and were horribly burned. he died saying, “The serpents, they have come for me.” Those words stuck to me, what could it have meant, so I studied the tomes but I...
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