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    The Assassins Ruse

    During one early game, I played a Half Elf Assassin name Kiera. She had gained a reputation as a pure professional. She always got her target it didn’t matter how long it took, and she never broke a contract.   The other PCs weren’t aware of her assassinations as she held herself as a mere fighter...
  • A Note on Morality: How an Assassin shook a Paladin’s worldview with a single phrase.

    Valeria (LG Aasimar Paladin) Inanis (LE Human Rouge/Assassin) Pinn (CN Half-Elf Bard) Arcto (N Human Wizard) Inanis’ statement hung in the air like a troglodyte’s stench. One sentence. A simple statement. That’s all it took. “What did you say?!” Valeria said through gritted teeth, her golden eyes flashing dangerously. By this point, everyone in the...
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