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    My Friends Need Lawyers in D&D?!

    I was doing my part as the forever DM for my group of friends running a campaign in the Ravnica setting from Magic the Gathering (get the guildmaster book, pretty good story location). Each of us were comfortably familiar with the story and setting so we had no issues with learning what groups did what...
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    How Brisinger saved the party from death

    We were playing a second edition Ad&d campaign. At the time my party consisted of a human bard named John, an elf ranger named Shaun, a human wizard named Lisa, and a grey elf Psyonic named Brisinger. We had two other party members, a paladin named Trick and a warrior named Rye (Rey) but they...
  • The Rogue’s Epic Fall!

    The Blight a dark and morbid setting where the dead walk the street to pay off taxes they earned in life, the party are all convicts and was set free by a lady in black and tasked with finding out where her mole had gone within a mafia type family. our adventures lead us to...
  • DnD Story #157 – Bag of Holding

    More like Bag of Scolding. Dont know how many of you have tried to weaponize one of these bad boys, but I'm here to share my experience: 1: Fill bag of Holding with water, or other liquid. Play a rogue or other sneaky build. Sneak up behind enemy. Quickly pull bag over enemy head and...
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