Bad Rolls

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    The Stalactite Incident

    This story comes from one of my first experiences with D&D while working at a summer camp as a teenager. I was a level 5 Ranger in a 13 person party on a massive dungeon crawl through a level 8 dungeon (us being 13 people made up for our being 3 levels lower than we...
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    DnD Story #249 – Mind the Gap

    So my team is a High-elf Ranger (me), Wood-elf rogue (Lee), Dragonborn fighter (Gerroth I), Dwarf Cleric (Danny DeVito), and a Gnome warlock (Frankie Silvers). We're doing some cave campaign, and we're charging through with very few problems. We eventually hit a platform with a mud-bridge connecting to another platform. There are two enemies on...
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