• The Tale Of Professor Barbarian

    As we start this storie let me say all members have apeared atleast once in my stories before the Barbarian in the story and Rouge have not played mutch dnd at this point.  The Druid been playing for over ten years.  We start this tale as the party enters a city to pay thier taxes...
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    The Barbarian’s Solution to being Caught

    None of us would’ve suspected that a barbarian’s solution to being caught would be… well, here’s the story. It was only the second session of the whole campaign. This time, I was the DM, so I had a whole storyline planned out; a mystery involving an attempted assassination and a pair of feuding noble houses....
  • The Gnome Crushes It!

    I'm a longtime DM been playing for roughly 10 years I like to play a campaign that is both enjoyable and explorative. One time while I was playing with a band of three people, I had a gnome Barbarian, a Elven Druid with a polar bear familiar, and a half orc fighter that wasn't the...
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