• The Storyteller Bard

    This story tells about one of my favorite characters I’ve ever DM’ed for. His name is Pliny Windseeker a fallen Asimar bard. He didn’t sing songs or paint, he simply told stories to cast his spells. When he needed to give our barbarian a boost in strength for a difficult challenge he simply walked up...
  • How 14-year-old Jacob the bard laid the Dragon Queen

    Early last year, I started a campaign with my co-worker's husband, Tim, as the DM, and with my friends Justin, Teddy, and Jason. We were doing a level 15-20 5e campaign about a world where the majority race is dragons, and races like Humans, Elves and Dwarves are a minority. We were hired by the...
  • How a Small Kobold NPC led to my 1st Character Retirement

    So, I had been a vetran DnD player for around 4 years before taking a small break at University. In my final year, I found a DM and decided to hop back into the magical world yet again.  Up stepped Bartholomew Archer, a Half-Elven Bard who ran away from home and a neglectful father who...
  • How the Dungeon Master killed me off

    okay so a bunch of my close friends who I’ve been playing with for quiet sometime have slowly expanded from 5e to homebrew games and the Star wars TTRPG. however, today I will be talkimg about the DnD 5e oneshot we had playing as our selves. I was a level 17 Lore Bard with a...
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    DnD Story #242 – This is why I chose bard.

    So me and some buddies started an online Pathfinder game recently.  Today was actually our first session.  We made our characters:  Myself (Gnome Bard) a Human Monk, a Half Elf Druid, and a Human Rogue, and are recruited by a noble lady on a quest to find some missing people, which we accept (after I...
  • DnD Story #54 – A Troll and a Maze

    We were playing Tomb of Annihilation in Adventurer's League. I had a level 4 Bard who had just recently learned Suggestion (Wisdom save, target is bound to your reasonable request on a fail). We had recently had an encounter with a bunch of xenophobic lobsters, and I forgot I had it that time.  Oh well,...
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