• How the Chaotic Party Met its Chaotic Mascot

    I am playing an D&D with my friends. We are kinda new to the cenario and are trying to start a new campaign since the disaster of the first campaign as our master resulted in having problems with the plot, so we started again with a new group. Our master let us roll a item...
  • DnD Story #252 – Ghostly Chaos

    One of the most memorable sessions on our campaign for me so far. Pre-note: I took the bones from the haunted house to make a shield using my lizard crafting abilities. The DM made a custom magic item. Party: lizardfolk sorcerer/barbarian, gnome rouge, goblin fighter, human fighter/paladin, elf wizard, 3 NPC’s, and one new member....
  • DnD Story #119 – Gnomesby, Duck Satan and Terror of Anityllion

    Note: Custom dnd system was used to help allow more variety. The Chaos magic used by Gnomesby was only 1 spell and was agreed to be entirely based off roles and DM discretion. To activate, the gnome had to slap (Or have something hit him) and chaos would ensue. Starts off with all the players...
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