• The best paladin I’ve ever made.

    Minerva was a character that had a long and extensive backstory before I ever played her in a DnD campaign. Her backstory was that she was a lawful good paladin in a homebrew world of our own making, Terra. In Terra her diety was the Rose Queen, a generic goddess of Life, Love and general...
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    The Only Campaign I’ve Ever Rage Quit

    I would like to preface this; I am still good friends with the DM of this campaign, he is a regular player in my campaign and a good friend of mine. But this campaign was easily his lowest point as a DM. I have never quit a campaign before for any reason other than scheduling....
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    Caught In the Middle

    Once upon a time there was a party of adventurers on a quest inside the shadow plane. It didn’t take long before the group found themselves being escorted to the hall of the fey king, ruler of the winter months and the moon. Although clearly mad by the party’s standards, the king was also agreeable,...
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