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    How my pyromancer Aarakocra ate a Purple Worm

    Ikki started like every other cleric in D&D, but he is a bit deranged. Follower of Kossuth, the god of fire, Ikki belives he can become a Fenix if he works hard enough. The party was made from a Human Barbarian named Artem, a Hexblade Tiefling named Pristool, and a Rogue Halfling named Eldon. On...
  • The Suicide Siege

     I was a half-elf wizard named Ara. We also had a human Sorcerer naned Cynthia, a human Barbarian named Brick, and a elf ranger whose name started with a V… At one point in the campaign we were tasked by the prince of Rathmor (the kingdom we were in) to root out cultists working to...
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