DnD 3.5

  • Patru versus the Balor

    First off, this game was played about ten years ago, give or take a couple years. I’ve done my best to keep the details as faithful to the original game as I can. This game was a halloween one shot that was run in the later years of 3.5's reign. I forget if 4e had...
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    My First DND Experience – Danith

    So, This is the story of my first true experience to DND. I was exposed to it once when was younger, and always had a mild interest but it wasn’t until last year (2019) from watching an Youtube campaign.   I was invited by an friend of mine, who was the Tortoise Drunken-Fist Monk over...
  • How a half-baked character concept became a God.

    I've been playing D&D for about 20 years, this story occurred back in the early days of college and has shaped every game I've run since. In this game, it was summer and myself and some friends had gotten together for what we had intended to be a light-hearted and mostly jokey D&D 3.5 campaign....
  • Colosseum of Chaos

        This happened during my first year of collage around 2012 and incidentally was my and my two brothers introduction to D&D and RPGs as a whole. Due to and busy schedules it was very difficult to run a game then but we found time between and after classes in the very large commons...
  • How Rogue tried to become assassin

    That session was in 3.5 and took place few years ago but I still remember it clearly to this day. Our party was composed of Paladin, Cleric, Wizard, Ranger and Rogue(me) but most important PC duo at the time was Ranger with my Rogue. We were around 10 lvl and DM suggested that I can...
  • Why I am no longer aloud to play a Halfling Cleric

    Back in college i was sitting down with my normal group to play a 3.5 homebrew campaign. As we were creating characters the dm noticed that no one wanted to play a healer. He had designed the entire campaign around the group having a dedicated healer. He begged and pleaded and no one would agree....
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