dnd fail

  • Most chaotic and epic battle i didn’t plan to run.

    Quick background. I run a homebrew dnd 5e game with 3 friends and have been playing about 10 months now. We generally follow the rules but I generally lax them if I feel like it will make the game more fun. There was Renarto (paladin) loki (warlock) and Escanor (fighter). Renarto is a knight of...
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    The Barbarian’s Solution to being Caught

    None of us would’ve suspected that a barbarian’s solution to being caught would be… well, here’s the story. It was only the second session of the whole campaign. This time, I was the DM, so I had a whole storyline planned out; a mystery involving an attempted assassination and a pair of feuding noble houses....
  • DnD Story #238 – Tavern Talk #1. Dragons arent so scary.

    The group, A dwarven cleric, a gnomish bard, and a human rogue. The scenario, While travelling through underground caves the party is asked to help the nearby town by stopping a dragon that lurks in the watery tunnels. After travelling for a while the party comes to a small cave with a few water holes...
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