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    The Assassins Ruse

    During one early game, I played a Half Elf Assassin name Kiera. She had gained a reputation as a pure professional. She always got her target it didn’t matter how long it took, and she never broke a contract.   The other PCs weren’t aware of her assassinations as she held herself as a mere fighter...
  • How My Sorcerer Got Two Crowning Moments in One Massive Fight

    This story takes place in a Curse of Strahd campaign, in which I play a half-elven phoenix sorcerer named Krymm Schwarzwulf, who was sent in by his superiors in an unknown guild to Barovia to investigate the recent goings-on in there. By this point of the campaign, I was at Level 5, while the ones...
  • How the Bard Killed Them All

    I have been trying to play D&D since high school. I have hit one or two sessions here and there but nothing consistent. Finally I got into several and that brings up to this story. A person from my work DMed a 5E campaign and most of the other players were from work also. I...
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    Order of Dragonblood Ch. 1

    Downfall The Infinite Father’s beautifully carved wooden statue on the corner of my table tumbles on to the marble floor as a thunderous roar leaves my ears ringing. The crystalline hourglass in its hand shatters on impact. Blue fragments scatter across the floor. I sit up. I know that sound. This is a dragon. Judging...
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    Order of Dragonblood Ch. 2

    The Lonely Tower Tarander stood up and placed the black book on the small wooden table next to the rough wooden chair he just sat on. He stretched, and flinched, as a sharp pain jolted up his spine. »Aah! By the Souls! «, he exclaimed into the large cylindrical room. Nobody responds, but that did...
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    Order of Dragonblood Ch. 3

    The Weeping Dragon It was Laugar the 6th Zamanis 772 AOM. I was recently appointed Lord of the Order. However, that did not stop me from going on missions with my old unit. We were tracking a dragon for over 2 weeks now and we believed we had finally gotten close. So close in fact...
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    Order of Dragonblood Ch. 4 & Epilogue

    Revelations Tarander put down the book. Then he took a deep breath. And another one. He had a theory of what the dragon Dulgumor wanted to tell Arahu. A very dangerous theory. Very dangerous. Book in hand he pushed himself out of the chair. How long had he been reading? Was it night already? »Tarander...
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    My Players Overcomplicate Everything

    This post contains minor spoilers for side events in Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus.  There’s nothing plot critical, but you’ve been warned. I had been running a game of Baldur’s Gate, Descent into Avernus, for a few months when this story took place.  My players are all friends of mine I’ve been playing with for...
  • How my changeling assassin tricked an army

    This campaign I’m still in takes place in Wildemount after the event of Mat Mercer’s critical role campaign 2, the Mighty Nien. Players are half-elf blade slinger wizard who wants to become the Raven Queen’s next champion. Next, an aasimar conquest paladin is a noble, calm, relaxed guy serving as the group’s tank. Next, a...
  • How One Player lead the Party to overthrow a King

    Several years ago, I played in a D&D game with a group of friends/co-workers while we were working on a ship out to sea. The ship was out for several months and we wanted something additional every week to look forward to as a means of passing the time and breaking the monotony. We ended...
  • DM Tries to Make Me the BBEG, But It Went Over My Head

    When I saw your video about the player who was turned into the BBEG against his will, I had to share my tale too.  I had heard of D&D for the longest time, and I was eager to join any opportunity that came my way. So when my friend offered to DM his homebrew campaign,...
  • The nightmare DM we put up with.

    You ever find a DM who has AMAZING stories and extensive grand puzzles and long time legendary adventures of awesomeness…. and then that same DM, the kind of person you would pay to have dm… also has some severe problems and injects her personal biases, hatred and racism into the game? We found a great...
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    My saddest Character

    Burg the Firbolg. At first everyone figured he was your average grumpy old man with maybe a touch of politically incorrect humor. Burn was in excess of 300 years old, extremely old even for a Firbolg. He would always complain about the members of the party who were human, making some rather ignorant generalized comments...
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    How a Spider’s Bizzare Adventure Got Weirder

    (image from the mwangi expanse book for pathfinder 2e.) Note: This is in a homebrewed  pathfinder, 2e game were all species are edited to make the world more  similar to what you’d see in Beastars and Zootopia, because why not?  meaning all the more “classic” or generic species are redesigned as  other things, and I...
  • When I almost decided to not play DND because of bad DMs

    I had heard about DND for many years and I had roleplayed on forums before, so why not try DND? Well…not when you have bad DMS. I will change names for my story for privacy sake. It all started when my ex wanted me to start playing with their group on their DND. The DM...
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