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    How my party survived a no win scenario

    I’ve been a DM for about a year now and recently I switched over to using roll20 and playing online with my discord group.  what originally began as a one shot session on the day our DM couldn’t show up has become a full-blown campaign which to this date we have done six sessions in. ...
  • How my wizard angered nature, and lived.

    This story takes place in the “Explorers Guide to Wildemount” setting. We were running a prebuilt module that was going to segway into a campaign that our dungeon master had planned. Our party consisted of five level 2 characters: A goliath echo knight fighter, nicknamed ‘The Twins’ A blue tiefling thieving rogue, Virgil A half-elf...
  • How My Fighter Became a Paladin of Peace

    A while back now I played in a Homebrew Campaign with its own unique class/leveling system where we could come up with the powers, passives, and skills the character had in an attempt to make unique characters. We had a Satyr Barbarian-Esque class where they dual-wielded axes and caused a lot of bleed damage to...
  • The Legend of the One-Shoed Fool

    Here’s a little backstory to help set the stage. My Wife and I met eachother at this game and in the time we were playing one of our party members with a series of rolls made a story we still tell to this day. This was pathfinder so our party consisted of Myself, a Winter...
  • My 2nd Level Players Fought the Alpha Werewolf

    so this is my 2nd time being the gm of our circle of nerd friends. So i made a short homebrew campaign that would last 2-4 sessions depending on how fast they can decide, my friends went by to try out the campaign i made. They brought pencils and erasers and i provided them with...
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    SPLIT a fantastical dnd story.

    this story is brought by grimm999. I am an avid dnd player. i love creating intricate characters and playing the weirdest of games. this particular game was a homebrew created by a relatively new dm this was only his second game ever. in this game the world we are playing in is essentially jumanji. we...
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