Dnd story

  • How an NPC’s Death Broke My Heart

    I wanted to post this here because I feel like most people here would understand. An NPC died in the campaign I am playing in right now, which has left me heartbroken.  My character is named Gaelwyn, and she is an elf wizard. Her backstory is that she was tricked into killing her family at...
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    Prince Melzard’s Tragedy

    My DnD group and I are mostly role play based in our game style, and the games that had me go through intense emotional journey are the ones that remains in my memory. Therefore  my most memorable game as a player was bound to end in a tragedy. This all takes place in an homebrewed...
  • Railroaded into a Character Death

    I am part of a west march 24/7 server. It a huge city that text based RPG. I been apart of the server for 9 months. I have two characters on the server one was an elf and the other was an half-elf. The server has some racism.Some of the elves think they are above...
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    How a level 5 party beat mama lasagna very quickly

    To begin this story, I’m playing a conguration wizard named Balthazar, one of my friends is palying a Barbarin Dragonborn, Krogar, and other one is playing a light domain cleric named Solaire. Slight spoilers to anyone who reads this who in playing Curse of Strahd.  Now to begin, we started the session where we left...
  • How Silence cheated Death

    Back in college we had a great Dungeon Master (DM) by the name of Carl.  Carl had created a great adventure series for our Table-top D&D group, and was very good at including all options and opportunities brought forth by the players, despite the consequences.  My character was a magic-user (or as the kids are...
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    The worst kind of DM and DMGF ever part 2

    The first session, as I commented before wasn’t so bad. Before we began the second session, the DM told us that he had a channel on the server for detailing how the players have died before. On his words of all the group’s that came before, there wasn’t anyone that won the campaign. But he...
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    The day my Ranger lost her familiar

    I had only played three sessions of dnd before joining a whole new group to play with- one campaign that was stopped immediately after the first session, and then a single session campaign. They were a lot of fun, especially because they were with people I had known for 4+ years. But their lives got...
  • Most chaotic and epic battle i didn’t plan to run.

    Quick background. I run a homebrew dnd 5e game with 3 friends and have been playing about 10 months now. We generally follow the rules but I generally lax them if I feel like it will make the game more fun. There was Renarto (paladin) loki (warlock) and Escanor (fighter). Renarto is a knight of...
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    The Bard and the Horde

    A lot of people use their bard characters' high charisma to win the hands of maidens and work their way into friendships with higher powers. As much as I respect these players' rights to play how they have fun in a game, I see this as a waste. The concept of a bard for me...
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    Phantasmal Force saves the day

    This was easily the most intense session I’ve ever played in D&D, but was so worth it. To set the scene, the campaign is in a post-apocalypse world where all the water has formed a massive ocean in the sky due a supernatural event called The Rising, and most settlements exist around Columns of water...
  • How my wizard angered nature, and lived.

    This story takes place in the “Explorers Guide to Wildemount” setting. We were running a prebuilt module that was going to segway into a campaign that our dungeon master had planned. Our party consisted of five level 2 characters: A goliath echo knight fighter, nicknamed ‘The Twins’ A blue tiefling thieving rogue, Virgil A half-elf...
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    How my party survived a no win scenario

    I’ve been a DM for about a year now and recently I switched over to using roll20 and playing online with my discord group.  what originally began as a one shot session on the day our DM couldn’t show up has become a full-blown campaign which to this date we have done six sessions in. ...
  • How My Fighter Became a Paladin of Peace

    A while back now I played in a Homebrew Campaign with its own unique class/leveling system where we could come up with the powers, passives, and skills the character had in an attempt to make unique characters. We had a Satyr Barbarian-Esque class where they dual-wielded axes and caused a lot of bleed damage to...
  • The Legend of the One-Shoed Fool

    Here’s a little backstory to help set the stage. My Wife and I met eachother at this game and in the time we were playing one of our party members with a series of rolls made a story we still tell to this day. This was pathfinder so our party consisted of Myself, a Winter...
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