• The liberation of Blazerun

    So my friends and I started a campaign a few months ago called "Dreams from the north". where the main plot as we know it is that Asmodeus, the demon king of the nine hells have accidentaly released fragments of his dreams on the world. Our group decided to take care of them since they...
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    DnD Story #251 – How I Tamed a Hydra

    In a campaign I played in there was a warforged rogue, tiefling warlock, a half-orc fighter, and I was playing a Dragonborn Barbarian by the name of Marv. I believe I was level 12 at this point and was making the best use out of feats I could. At the beginning of the campaign I...
  • DnD Story #113 – Rough Date

    So my cousins from abroad introduced me and my brothers to DND. We played over a dozen sessions during their two week stay at our place and somehow managed to finish our campaign. We had plenty of memorable moments but this is one of the best ones. We were engaging an Ancient White Dragon in...
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