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    The day my Ranger lost her familiar

    I had only played three sessions of dnd before joining a whole new group to play with- one campaign that was stopped immediately after the first session, and then a single session campaign. They were a lot of fun, especially because they were with people I had known for 4+ years. But their lives got...
  • How a low level Artificer Defeated an Ancient Dragon

    TL;DR at the bottom. As a DM, one thing that I love about D&D is how creative people can be, and my party is one such group. Some backstory before we get to the good stuff; I started my first campaign as a DM at the beginning of 2020, but since it was all in...
  • How a Chaotic Evil BugBear Rogue derailed a one-shot

    I was volunteering as a DM for my local gaming group, playing an online one-shot for a group of strangers. It was a D&D 5e dungeon-crawl, set in an underground cavern underneath a magic academy that I had written myself. It had custom-made magic items, a massive underground fight, and an epic BBEG. I was...
  • The Tale of The Rogue and The Goblin

    I joined a new DnD group that was discord based and it was our first campaign test run. Our DM was fairly experienced and we had two experienced players (one being me) as well as two people new to the game. The campaign had a fairly basic start. "You all arrive in a small town...
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