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  • How I won my first ever Pathfinder Session (Part 1)

    Okay, so I'll be straight with you guys, I'm pretty much a 5th Edition kind of guy, as its the one i have a good number of books for… So when my friend, Aaron, took the reins and actually introduced me to Pathfinder, I was a bit skeptical and worried i would royally screw up…...
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    How Vyktir Got Drunk and Made a Goblin Friend

    Alrighty then! My character’s name is Vyktir, a Half-Elf/Half-Orc, Elf dominant Ranger, and then there’s Oogah-Baggins, a Half-Hobbit/Half-Orc, Hobbit dominant Summoner. We start off in a the tavern in our small town in the world of Albion. Me and Baggins are testing who has the strongest Orc blood with a drinking contest. Baggins isn’t doing...
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