funny players

  • Sudden yet inevitable betrayal

    For several years I ran and played games in an area that caused many of the same people to wander in and out of the games.  One of these we'll call Ben, Ben was actually a really good player, his charaters were interesting.  His dialogue usually at least on topic, sometimes even witty.  They always...
  • DnD Story #179 – Tick-Tock the impovisor

    Context: PCs we’re a drunken dragonborn, a poison loving rouge, and a highly modified Warforged named Tick-Tock(me). Our DM hated that everything he threw at us, my character found the stupidest way of winning. We raided a goblin stronghold located in an abandoned mine being led by a warlock elf. We found the warlock in...
  • The Tale of the Illiterate Child-Puncher

    This was my first D&D session. I played a CG ranger and my friend played an LG fighter. We were playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen, escorting a wagon of something or other (I forget what it was, but it was not important). We got attacked by a few goblins, dealt with them pretty quickly....
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