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    Sea Turtle nearly wipes party

    (Hello so this is my first time sending something like this. Hope I did it right and that you guys enjoy the story)     A few months before this story took place I was extremely new to D&D. I had a burning desire to become a good DM and to fit my world I...
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    How I killed my entire party, including myself

    Session 0: We're a group of 4 people. We each have our own preferences in classes and roleplay, so we stick with the usual: Friend 1 usually plays a magic user, but after being annoyed by the lack of hitpoints of his previous characters, decides to go Aasimar Paladin (which he decides should be a...
  • My Sneezing Fit Ruins a Guard’s Life.

    Let me preface this by saying this was all our bard's fault. It was only because of him that I was alone and running from the guards by myself. He wanted us all to meet up with scouts on a nearby mountain top to see if the Pharoah of a nearby Egyptian-themed city that was...
  • How the Paladin Fell From Grace on Their First Day

    So to set the stage we need a little back story. This happened in a Pathfinder Living Campaign ran over discord chat and Roll 20 a few years ago. Essentially the game was a sandbox where players could interact at any time with the world and each other. Due to the nature of a LC...
  • How I fought acererak Buck Naked

    This was a one shot game for a birthday. We had a half elf paladin, a human Fighter, and Me an Asimar Bard. Before we started the game we built 12th level characters. We had a large amount of gold to buy things with and I indulged in some magic items. We had spent 6...
  • The tale of Zed, The Armor Ghost

    I’m DMing a campaign for a few friends over discord, one of us could’nt make it this week, so we decided that i’d take them on a little side quest while the other person is away. Lots of homebrew content in this game. The party for this story consists of a Living armor wild magic...
  • DnD Story #254 – The Owlbear Incident

    During one of our first Pathfinder sessions (most of us were new to the game, only the DM and one other player had lots of experience playing), we were tasked to go out to a nearby farm to investigate what had been killing various cattle and one NPC. We travel there, talk to the owner...
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    DnD Story #249 – Mind the Gap

    So my team is a High-elf Ranger (me), Wood-elf rogue (Lee), Dragonborn fighter (Gerroth I), Dwarf Cleric (Danny DeVito), and a Gnome warlock (Frankie Silvers). We're doing some cave campaign, and we're charging through with very few problems. We eventually hit a platform with a mud-bridge connecting to another platform. There are two enemies on...
  • DnD Story #226 – Could have gone better

    Telipathicaly talk to them  So we come to a town that has had problems with goblin kidnappings and we meet a master roshi looking gate keeper like with the shell in all but he also has a spear . he asks us for help however this entire time keeps his eyes on me with his...
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