• How an NPC’s Death Broke My Heart

    I wanted to post this here because I feel like most people here would understand. An NPC died in the campaign I am playing in right now, which has left me heartbroken.  My character is named Gaelwyn, and she is an elf wizard. Her backstory is that she was tricked into killing her family at...
  • How I made my players love/hate me

    A little background is needed on this one. I'll try to keep it summerized as much as possible, but there was a lot in this one year campaign. I have a story that I built as a homebrew called; "The Aasimar and The Tower". Small rule I threw at them was you can be any...
  • How a random NPC found his way into the hearts of the players

    So I want to start off saying that theres a lot that happened, so I know theres missing details. Please bear with me on this one. I started a homebrew campaign in a homebrew world using the 5e system with three players. They were a halfling rogue, a high elf rogue and an assimar sorcerer....
  • The Corrupted Goddess’s Son

    I’m playing a campaign in 5e in a world that I entirely created myself. I’m playing this campaign with two groups and this story is from group 2. A little backstory. In this world the gods have fallen to earth after a grand betrayal millennia ago and have since gone on to lead regular lives....
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