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    Sea Turtle nearly wipes party

    (Hello so this is my first time sending something like this. Hope I did it right and that you guys enjoy the story)     A few months before this story took place I was extremely new to D&D. I had a burning desire to become a good DM and to fit my world I...
  • Isra and the Dragon

    In my years of DMing I've been derailed countless times, but this takes the cake. The party -a dragonborn rogue, human paladin, tabaxi gunslinger, and a high elf blood hunter named Isra- were prisoners trapped in the tower of an orc stronghold that had been taken by drow. After a wonderfully vulgar exchange between the...
  • How My Fighter Became a Paladin of Peace

    A while back now I played in a Homebrew Campaign with its own unique class/leveling system where we could come up with the powers, passives, and skills the character had in an attempt to make unique characters. We had a Satyr Barbarian-Esque class where they dual-wielded axes and caused a lot of bleed damage to...
  • A Halo One Shot, Incident at the Biolab

    I would like to start this whole thing off by stating that i’m a new adapter to the DnD 5e format of play, I’m a DM in various other circles, mainly homebrewed games just for the fun of it, then call of Cthulu, but now making my way into dnd after having watched streams amist...
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    The Ozzian Pot and the Unfortunate Soul

    So I've always been interested in Dnd, but never had the opportunity to play. Recently, my best friend was able to come to visit for a few days, and one thing led to another and we were throwing something together quickly to mess around with. For whatever reason, I was landed with Dming the first...
  • The tale of Zed, The Armor Ghost

    I’m DMing a campaign for a few friends over discord, one of us could’nt make it this week, so we decided that i’d take them on a little side quest while the other person is away. Lots of homebrew content in this game. The party for this story consists of a Living armor wild magic...
  • How a Minor Encounter became a Major Tie to One Player

    Little context before I tell this tale.  I am the DM of a Homebrew Campaign based off Castlevania: CoD with Curse of Strad elements implemented due to similar themes.  The party, only three members at the time, consisted of a Human Artificer (Corvus), a Naga Rogue (Kuhri), and a Varient Tiefling Warlock (Reverence).  Corvus is...
  • How my character acquired a holy weapon

    So i’ve been a player in an ongoing campaign for a couple years now, this story happened about 6 months ago. My DM and I don’t really have a “group” we play with, its usually just us taking turns being the DM in campaigns we run for eachother. Heavy homebrew most of the time but...
  • DnD Story #152 – My campaign so far… Episode 1-5

    THE JOURNAL OF CORUS AHLORSATHDay 1I quickly found myself besieged by a people who’ve never heard of the glorious battles beneath the waves, or the valiant Tritons fighting and dying for their peace of mind.Day 5I have come across a small military force fighting a small force of two legged creatures. They seem to be...
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