• The Paladin Who Wished She was the DM

    I was originally going to post this on a video about a “Main Character Horror Story” but decided it might fit better here.  We had a player start around Nov in our group a year ago, and she started off in the group strong. She was a notetaker (Everyone else is new so they’re learning),...
  • How the Dungeon Master killed me off

    okay so a bunch of my close friends who I’ve been playing with for quiet sometime have slowly expanded from 5e to homebrew games and the Star wars TTRPG. however, today I will be talkimg about the DnD 5e oneshot we had playing as our selves. I was a level 17 Lore Bard with a...
  • How my party faced a true Fae

    This story takes place in one of my favorite campaign settings Vampire the masquerade. For those of you who have either never heard of vtm or just never played it, its essentially a personal and political horror based game where you play as vampires in the modern times. Now for some context, this took place...
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