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    The single spell that haunts my Cleric to this day…

    A little background might be required to really understand the depths of this story. The group I was playing with had gone through several campaigns before this story happens. We were all well seasoned players, if not entirely well rounded. Normally, our campaigns would close after our charcters reached just past level 10. The Campaign...
  • Kobold gets his best Friend

    I went to the store to getting ready to play D&D, I’m getting ready to play as hunter kobold and I wanted to tame the wolf as my own friend. I ask others for their own thoughts, they all say: “throw that idea out the window, it seems impossible to tame the wolf if you...
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    The way of the flying torch

    Way of the flying torch So today (technically yesterday I suppose) I had a one shot to familiarize myself with the second edition of pathfinder a bit more. I’m really liking what the system has to offer so far, and I just wanted to be sure that it worked the way I thought it did....
  • How a Small Kobold NPC led to my 1st Character Retirement

    So, I had been a vetran DnD player for around 4 years before taking a small break at University. In my final year, I found a DM and decided to hop back into the magical world yet again.  Up stepped Bartholomew Archer, a Half-Elven Bard who ran away from home and a neglectful father who...
  • How the Kobold Wizard Ascended to Godhood

    So one of my first campaigns ever (3.5 edition with full catalogue access), my friends and I were around 16/17 and our DM was just getting used to the idea. The party was a Dwarf Barbarian, a Half-Elf Cleric, a Drow Ninja, and me, a Venerable Kobold Wizard focused on Conjuration. The character had a...
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