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    How I toppled a Dracolich…At level 3.

    Back when I started my first year of high school, I was invited by a friend to play in what was ultimately my first big campaign of D&D. Before this I had only done simple one offs with my friend in the group to learn the system and get me hooked on the game, but...
  • Leroy The Klutz: How to Start a Riot

    It was a random Saturday night with close friends when someone asked why we hadn't played DnD in a while. After a few moments fondly remembering campaigns from the past we decided to session zero a quick and fun little game. I was asked to DM as I was the most fimilar with the rules,...
  • I Saved My Party From A TPK!

    5th Edition -I don’t even know where to begin. This happened tonight, just a few hours ago (around 11 pm on the 21st of September 2019), and it was so epic we decided to end the session there.  This is the first session of the new school year, we have been playing since February of...
  • DnD Story: Justice is Blind

    So a while back I was playing 1st edition DnD with a group of friends. I was playing a classic Paladin, flowing cape and all. She was super fun to play as she was a nerd. She grew up watching plays about paladins of old and basically turned that hero worship into her motivation for...
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