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    My First DND Experience – Danith

    So, This is the story of my first true experience to DND. I was exposed to it once when was younger, and always had a mild interest but it wasn’t until last year (2019) from watching an Youtube campaign.   I was invited by an friend of mine, who was the Tortoise Drunken-Fist Monk over...
  • From Tickster Goblins to Eldrich Horrors

    I am not an experienced GM by any strech of the imagination. Most of my games self made games are, in my opnion not very good. I aways get very positive feedback from my players but, I seem to always mess up once or twice a session or have to take time to look up...
  • Leroy The Klutz: How to Start a Riot

    It was a random Saturday night with close friends when someone asked why we hadn't played DnD in a while. After a few moments fondly remembering campaigns from the past we decided to session zero a quick and fun little game. I was asked to DM as I was the most fimilar with the rules,...
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