• Half-Orc Paladin Finally Finds Peace

    My friends and I had been talking about playing Dungeons and Dragons for years until finally we took the leap and formed an adventuring party.  A few of us were experienced, having played in previous editions, but none of us had played 5e. I chose to play a Half-Orc Paladin devoted to the Goddess of...
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    The Lost Isle of Demogorgon

    I haven't played D&D in about ten years — previously I had DMed 3.5 and 4th Editions — so it was my first time playing as a PC at an after work 5e campaign. We played an one-shot then an adventure that lasted about twelve sessions (the DM originally said it was suppose to last...
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    How a Farmer came to Reap more than Grain

    It happened when I was 17 years old. My twin sister and I lived with our parents on a wheat farm. Farm life was all we know, just the simple life of sowing, harvesting, animal husbandry, and waiting out the cold winters. Our father taught us how to hunt and fight well enough to fend...
  • A Note on Morality: How an Assassin shook a Paladin’s worldview with a single phrase.

    Valeria (LG Aasimar Paladin) Inanis (LE Human Rouge/Assassin) Pinn (CN Half-Elf Bard) Arcto (N Human Wizard) Inanis’ statement hung in the air like a troglodyte’s stench. One sentence. A simple statement. That’s all it took. “What did you say?!” Valeria said through gritted teeth, her golden eyes flashing dangerously. By this point, everyone in the...
  • The best paladin I’ve ever made.

    Minerva was a character that had a long and extensive backstory before I ever played her in a DnD campaign. Her backstory was that she was a lawful good paladin in a homebrew world of our own making, Terra. In Terra her diety was the Rose Queen, a generic goddess of Life, Love and general...
  • How the Paladin Fell From Grace on Their First Day

    So to set the stage we need a little back story. This happened in a Pathfinder Living Campaign ran over discord chat and Roll 20 a few years ago. Essentially the game was a sandbox where players could interact at any time with the world and each other. Due to the nature of a LC...
  • I Saved My Party From A TPK!

    5th Edition -I don’t even know where to begin. This happened tonight, just a few hours ago (around 11 pm on the 21st of September 2019), and it was so epic we decided to end the session there.  This is the first session of the new school year, we have been playing since February of...
  • Tales of the Murder Paladin: Part 1

    So, I've been playing DnD for a long time. One adventure, we had switched to Advancement Points, meaning we gained more from role play than combat. So we built a party based around social ideas rather than combat builds. I am playing a pacifist Sorceror who literally has always goes out of his way to...
  • DnD Story: Justice is Blind

    So a while back I was playing 1st edition DnD with a group of friends. I was playing a classic Paladin, flowing cape and all. She was super fun to play as she was a nerd. She grew up watching plays about paladins of old and basically turned that hero worship into her motivation for...
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