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    A rogues biggest plot twist

    Hi, my name is GB10 and I’ve been playing dnd with a group of friends for around a year(our dm playes around 6 years). When making characters I desided that a male tiefling rogue with a thief’s backround would be just fine aince we already had a Dragonborn paladin and a forest gnome ranger. I...
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    A charming rogue

    Hi again, my name is GB10 and as I've mentioned before I play a character named Melech who is a tiefling rogue in a party with a dragonborn paladin and a forest gnome ranger.This time our adventure begins in the cold mountains of Frosty Islands. We have been traveling around 3 days with a mountain...
  • Goblin Is As Goblin Does

    Hey everyone! You may remember the story of Siren, the half-elf ranger raised as a dragon. Well this is her creator here, back with another tale. No, this one is not about her party's shenanigans (part two of her tale is in the works), but after my DM and another member of our group had...
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    Wholesome Campaign with Failed Edgelord

    So I have been playing for some time and i decided to post something besides a horror story or complaint. My attempt to make an edgelord that went wrong in a perfect way.  I’d played with several people who all mastered the art of the edgelord. And when Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes came out, I...
  • How our goliath rogue pulled off a near impossible rescue mission.

    Corlis our groups youngest human rogue had gotten herself captured by one of the local mobs and they were planning on torturing her for information. Taskar a slim swimmer build goliath rogue, Dolokov gnome monk and their instructor had received information of where she was being held, a facility that has a pharmacy as its...
  • DnD Story #263 – Backhanded Insults

    I would like to preface this with saying that this is my first full campaign of DnD and I’ve only done a single one shot before this. So my party is made up of inhumans, including a large Fighter in all plate armor that we at the time didn’t actually know the race of, as...
  • DnD Story #203 – I’m not a threat, huh?

    The party is very inexperienced, with everyone dashing for every piece of loot without checking for traps, I'm the rogue/warlock just standing back watching everyone pick up this heavy armor we just found, and that I have no interest in. Suddenly, a wall comes down as the big baddie steps into the room and analyzes...
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