• How I made my players love/hate me

    A little background is needed on this one. I'll try to keep it summerized as much as possible, but there was a lot in this one year campaign. I have a story that I built as a homebrew called; "The Aasimar and The Tower". Small rule I threw at them was you can be any...
  • How We Killed The BBEG With a Broom

    so this is my first campaign ever and my friends said this was probaly the best campaign in all of dnd so i said sure so i make a changeling rogue named leo am going to slowly get better at roleplaying as time gose on so after we get to the land we are supposed...
  • The Corrupted Goddess’s Son

    I’m playing a campaign in 5e in a world that I entirely created myself. I’m playing this campaign with two groups and this story is from group 2. A little backstory. In this world the gods have fallen to earth after a grand betrayal millennia ago and have since gone on to lead regular lives....
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