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    How Brisinger saved the party from death

    We were playing a second edition Ad&d campaign. At the time my party consisted of a human bard named John, an elf ranger named Shaun, a human wizard named Lisa, and a grey elf Psyonic named Brisinger. We had two other party members, a paladin named Trick and a warrior named Rye (Rey) but they...
  • The sad fate of the poor young wizard

    Backstory: i have personally been running a group of 5 people for about the past 7-8 months and we have formed quite the level of play since we started, full character acting, logical actions and even fully formed relationships (two characters got married to each other). We had a wizard half-orc named Grul, A warlock...
  • How my party faced a true Fae

    This story takes place in one of my favorite campaign settings Vampire the masquerade. For those of you who have either never heard of vtm or just never played it, its essentially a personal and political horror based game where you play as vampires in the modern times. Now for some context, this took place...
  • Rowan’s Sacrifice

    A few sessions prior to the death of our wood elf ranger, the DM had let him take the orb that was basically the physical form of the entire magic weave and infuse it into his body at a cost. That cost being: anytime his character would feel a strong emotion, a wild magic surge...
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