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    My saddest Character

    Burg the Firbolg. At first everyone figured he was your average grumpy old man with maybe a touch of politically incorrect humor. Burn was in excess of 300 years old, extremely old even for a Firbolg. He would always complain about the members of the party who were human, making some rather ignorant generalized comments...
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    The tragic tale of Ashyn and Umalock

    This story is from my first ever campaign of D&D and while it doesn't have a happy ending during this campaign, a recent update has given me a bit of hope for their true ending. Some brief backstory to set the stage.  Ashyn was by best friend's character i'd known vaguely in highschool but became...
  • The sad fate of the poor young wizard

    Backstory: i have personally been running a group of 5 people for about the past 7-8 months and we have formed quite the level of play since we started, full character acting, logical actions and even fully formed relationships (two characters got married to each other). We had a wizard half-orc named Grul, A warlock...
  • Battle scars

    this happend pretty late in the camping but we had been prepairing to go to another univese to try and stop the spread of some strange shadow creatures and went to a pocket demention to train. During our training we whent throught mental tests and made a wisdom save to see throught the illion i...
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