soft homebrew

  • How the Chaotic Party Met its Chaotic Mascot

    I am playing an D&D with my friends. We are kinda new to the cenario and are trying to start a new campaign since the disaster of the first campaign as our master resulted in having problems with the plot, so we started again with a new group. Our master let us roll a item...
  • How the Cleric fooled everyone, even the party

    This story begins with myself and a group of friends from various games I've played with over the years. Our DM was a good friend of mind and encouraged out of the box ideas. The world in which we were playing is a soft homebrew world based loosely off a familiar enough campaign idea. However,...
  • how a little girl turned a paladin into a plushy

    we get to a city just having reached lvl 5 and this being my first time playing as a paladin i was playing a homebrew race a sergal named Cc, there was a ranger elf named hass with a large spider pet, a rouge homebrew wolfkin named demonclaw, and a wizard wingless arokokra named ignus....
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