tavern talk

  • DnD Story #239 – Tavern Talk #2. Breaking and Entering

    The group, Dwarven Cleric, Dwarven Samurai, Dragonborn Monk, and the Gnomish Bard. The scenario, the group find themselves high atop the Mountains of Thrask and see an unlit, snowcovered house in severe disrepair.  They decide to head there for shelter from the snowstorm. I, the dm, silently applaud them as this is the plot hook...
  • DnD Story #238 – Tavern Talk #1. Dragons arent so scary.

    The group, A dwarven cleric, a gnomish bard, and a human rogue. The scenario, While travelling through underground caves the party is asked to help the nearby town by stopping a dragon that lurks in the watery tunnels. After travelling for a while the party comes to a small cave with a few water holes...
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