• The breaking of Chains

    A copy of the full speech if you want to adjust the wording at all.  I have a story to share, one where a character of mine truly hits home for the first time as a veteran player. One of a tiefling character of mine who goes from silver spoon, to nothing, to finding what...
  • That time I accidentally killed a very annoying character

    Back in the days, we used to play Advanced Dungeons and Dragons with me as the DM. We were a group of four players (plus me) all smart and imaginative, but one. He was the psycho killer, the hoarder and the delicate flower kind of player all in one. He used to throw tantrums after...
  • Party Ships

    the party met up at a tavern and after some role-playing, my warlock met the paladin and had similar values they quickly started to become close friends. After a few instances of messing around and solving a devil problem in the town then we headed off to an island where a portal to hell was...
  • DnD Story #203 – I’m not a threat, huh?

    The party is very inexperienced, with everyone dashing for every piece of loot without checking for traps, I'm the rogue/warlock just standing back watching everyone pick up this heavy armor we just found, and that I have no interest in. Suddenly, a wall comes down as the big baddie steps into the room and analyzes...
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