• My Second Campaign as DM and My First Total Party Kill

    I’m a relatively new DM and I’ve only run two campaigns, one being a prebuilt adventure, and the other a hombrew that I put a little too much lore into. Like many new DM’s I decided I wanted to make a dark and dreary homebrew world that had my players shaking nervously in their seats....
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    How I killed my entire party, including myself

    Session 0: We're a group of 4 people. We each have our own preferences in classes and roleplay, so we stick with the usual: Friend 1 usually plays a magic user, but after being annoyed by the lack of hitpoints of his previous characters, decides to go Aasimar Paladin (which he decides should be a...
  • DnD Story #179 – Tick-Tock the impovisor

    Context: PCs we’re a drunken dragonborn, a poison loving rouge, and a highly modified Warforged named Tick-Tock(me). Our DM hated that everything he threw at us, my character found the stupidest way of winning. We raided a goblin stronghold located in an abandoned mine being led by a warlock elf. We found the warlock in...
  • DnD Story #113 – Rough Date

    So my cousins from abroad introduced me and my brothers to DND. We played over a dozen sessions during their two week stay at our place and somehow managed to finish our campaign. We had plenty of memorable moments but this is one of the best ones. We were engaging an Ancient White Dragon in...
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