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  1. 1 By: Sam Scout Lowry

    Hello my time to throw in a DND story that broke our GM

    5e in a homebrew world.

    The adventure started by the 4 of us all returning to our caravans camp site after it was ambushed. Colossal's and wargs. My character was still currently at the camp site but unconscious and when she awoke was unaware of who she was, what she was or even where she was. We dispatch the enemies quickly and efficiently.

    Skip forward a few sessions and my character has sorta regained some of her memories and knew a bit more about herself.

    We were in a place called Hardharbour and are ambushed by a Black Ork. Stands no chance as I decapitate him and kick the head across the ground. As a victory toast she lights up a mushroom of unknown origin and accidentally opens a Gateway to the Elemental plain of Air. Being the headstrong character she is, jumps through the gate without a second thought.

    Gate opened up 50ft in the air. Falls fast to the ground and take a fair bit of damage but lives. After exploring the great plain the party finds a way out in the form of a waygate. Non hesitate and jump through.

    When we all land safely in the other side we end up in a place that we had been travelling to.

    Now this is where things went so wrong that we broke our GM.

    When at the place we meet a new person (who was a new pc being added to the game) she wants us to help her break a pseudo dragon out as it was being held prisoner. We do so by having our warlock activate another waygate back to Hardharbor. As we are doing so me and the Cleric turn to face the order that is entrusted with protecting the location. I see the armour the order is wearing and turns out to be my order but more specifically. I see amongst the 5 who responded to the attack that my sister was there. I yell for her to come with me. She does and me and the cleric hold off the others while everyone gets through the portal. We all make it through as well as my sister.

    Sappy moment me and sister reunite and I gain more of my memories back.


    The Pseudo Dragon gives us a Deck of Many things. I guess the GM's intentions were that we would draw one every few sessions. NOPE! We draw the entire deck in 2 hours while stood in the same spot.

    To summarise. I lost 5 intelligence, gain back 2, became very persuasive, gain 800 acres of land, 100,000+ plat.

    But the negative side was, my closest friend became broke, someone is being chased by an avatar of death, another a demon, my sister got her soul removed from her body and technically died, another pc got transported into a cell somewhere across the world, someone got 2 wishes and I got a new sword. Our GM sat there quiet and unmoving for at least 30 minutes.

    Oh and I stole a Cockatoo.

  2. 2 By: Scott Tappan

    The hydra chase. This was earlier in my DM days, I had a party with a barbarian, and a fighter I think, they were tasked to go to a old cave to save a lost man from town, they got to the cave and navigated through some traps and some cult members. They went down a hall and found a massive solid steel door, they couldn't break it down or pick the lock they needed a key, so they go through some more rooms and find the chief baddy: a mindflayer. To my astonishment, they both critted on their attacks and demolished the mind flayer ( 😱 DM nightmare cause it was supposed to last way longer) and they find the key on him, they go back to the door and on the way they see the man in a locked cell and he's screaming that they need to leave now before they bring back the beast, in classic D&D form they suddenly hear an earth shattering roar, and the cave starts to shake. They make it out as quickly as they can and the man gets to one of their horses first and tries to leave, the barbarian threw him off and got on and as they get on their horses and Sprint out, the cave collapses and a hydra comes out of the ruins and chases the players. I had them roll athletics checks vs the hydra to see how fast they were going, It was very close at some points, almost one tick away from swinging distance and one player had said "I will do anything to get myself out of this right now" so a demon appeared and offered him shelter for his soul, he accepted. The other player found a mountain and stone shifted into the mountain, the hydra then rained terror on all the nearby towns.

    The demon took the fighter to his Lord, the god of war and anger Mespidosh. Mespidosh instructed to prove his loyalty, to slaughter a village of innocents during a sun festival and to betray his friend the barbarian. The fighter left, and then he and a group of three other baddies went and destroyed a village of gnomes during a festival, the village folk remaining secured themselves in the church behind a barrier against evil, but it didn't last forever. And once it fell they were taken as well. The fighter made his way back to the barbarian and original company, and they followed the hydras destruction. Eventually coming upon the town that the fighter had destroyed, the barbarian and others looked through the carnage horrified, blood and body parts scattered. They continued on and when they were almost upon the hydra, their cleric got one shotted through the throat in an ambush set up by the fighter, everyone was killed, the original party, the evil NPC's and then the barbarian got out a narrow victory over the fighter. Top 10 Worst anime betrayals lol.

  3. 3 By: Morgan Crowe

    Hi, so mines not really a small quest story I just wanted to share how interesting our epic campaign is turning out. So I play a Wood Elf Duskblade. My party consists of a Druid with Dire wolf companion, a Catfolk Cleric and several NPCs played by DM. So my character has a pretty solid backstory. Orphaned young, wealthy parents were murdered by a Baron who wanted to isolate my character to wed her for her wealth so she ran away that's how I met the group. But fast forward about six months into the journey and the Druid and my Duskblade are becoming fast friends. We made a mistake and had to do a side quest as punishment. True to our characters we mess that up as well and find ourselves parents to two orphaned children. Both of us are female so we took one child each. I get the stubborn 15 year old she gets a 5-6 year old. Later down the road when we find somewhere to put them to protect them until we return we come across my other character the Cleric. (Male,19) We help him with his quest and on the way come across a man that's drawn to my character. After 1-2 days of knowing this man, he proposes to my Duskblade. I roll the dice on high/low yes/no. She says yes. Not five mins after she says yes we are stormed by enemies. And sure enough with her past rash decisions he turns into a huge dragon and goes and fights the enemies. Gather the kods up and travel to her new home. So now she's married to a huge dragon, thank goodness he's a good one. With like nine kids all grown up except 2. A 9 year old green little girl who now loves her new mother. And a goth 13ish year old who's not sure if she likes me or not. It's been a lot of role play to learn to be a household leader and mother while balancing the quests. But it's rewarding. We had a little sleepover all the girls in our group. About 4 adults and my 9 and 15 year old with the 5 year old as well. My Cleric grew curious as to where we all were, he's young so naturally curious about everything and he stumbled across our party and was sucked in. He got a hair make over. The kids love to play with his mane. He just sat and took it like a man lol. Our party is pretty empathetic and willing to do a lot of things for our kids and families.
    So now everyone we go on a quest we end up bringing someone home with us which I'm suprised her husband hasn't said anything about it. All in all about 9 people. So we said no more people. I'm waiting for the DM to try to play on us to take another. But right now we are in the FeyWilds. Which is another story in itself considering that one hour in the FeyWilds is a year in the game.
    I hope those that took the time to read this enjoyed it. I've never had as much fun as I have playing DnD.

  4. 4 By: Eric Bulger

    So we started off following the Storm King's Thunder campaign but due to shenanigans and such, it forced our DM into a home brew, which fits because he's highly creative.

    So before going into this story, let me tell you about our party. I play a goliath barbarian who goes by Gnollslapper, a firehappy human sorcerer named Tana, woodelf druid named Yavana, ranger woodelf named Site, and a master of disguise rogue named Mithos.

    So we were exploring a desolate island that was home of cultists of the god Bhaal to save Mithos daughter who was essentially sold to the cult. We were given sanity meters to determine our sanity and how insane we went Different actions we did would cause them to be removed such as stepping too far into the mist, etc. There were milestones as well, if you hit 12, one thing would happen, 9 another. It varied per character and the more you lost the less control you had on your character. Upon hitting zero you would have to turn your character sheet over to the DM and would be viewed as too insane to come back.

    Well while exploring the island we come across a cave. After passing the traps and such, we enter a room with a pit in the center and a giant spider thing (she was referred to as Mandible Lady). Her thing was she was a screamer. When she could scream you would have to pass saving throws, otherwise you would lose sanity points. Object wasn't to kill you completely, just make you lose control of your character. After a round or two and dropping to 9 sanity, my character says screw it and hops on her back, choking her to prevent her from screaming. After getting thrown off once, Gnollslapper hops back on, punches through the back of her neck and tears out her vocal chords. This does prevent the screaming. However, she decided to walk 40 ft down into the pit while Gnollslapper is hanging on for dear life. He eventually manages to climb out (with the help of 2 inspiration points) while the rest of my party is destroying her from the top of the pit and ends up falling 120' to the bottom... activating a trap of spinning blades...

    After clearing some mechanisms to get out of the room, we find a mutilated Mandible Lady standing there, slowing turning into the shape of a younger version of Mithos' wife. She tried speaking to him.... but had no vocal chords to speak with. Eventually Mithos kills her to free her from Bhaal's control.

  5. 5 By: Gerardo Gallegos

    So, it was a group of three with a new DM who had a one shot adventure ready for us. Lineup was gnome bard, human monk, and dwarven cleric (me)

    Party was on the road when we meet a traveler who was tending to dead guards and a carriage ransacked by orcs. Not far from the scene we find the sole survivor: a young boy who says the orcs have gone east and his father would pay us handsomely if we return him. Deciding money over bounty, we first take the boy back home.

    When we approach the manor, we are greeted by a guard who sends word to the earl, the boy's father. Moments later party is greeted by the chamberlain and drags the boy away without paying a single coin. In the distance, we hear the man utter the words "….or you'll get the beating of your life." Bard wants to save the boy, but we notice half a dozen guards aiming at us with crossbows. Begrudgingly, we leave the place and meet with the traveler, named Jack Flanagan. Jack is actually an apothecary traveling to help those in need.

    Evening comes, and we decide to wipe out the orcs. Jack tells us that he has a poison we could use to slay them. We come up with a plan: bard distracts the orcs with a song which, by my suggestion, was about how orcs are incredibly ugly. Monk sneaks in to poison their food, while I remain close to her in case things got ugly.

    We find an orc encampment (there was a dozen of them) and we got to work. Bard keeps them distracted with his song and challenges their leader to 1v1. We roll initiative.

    The orc leader pokes the bard with his spear. While the orcs are distracted, the monk successfully poisons their food but she is soon spotted. Bard was getting low on HP so I make my way to him and cast Shield Other. The situation looked dire and if we didn't flee, we would have died.

    A brass dragon arrives and kills the orcs. Turns out, she was in pursuit of the orcs because they plundered her hoard. When I realized it was a female, I tell the bard "Namfoodle, work your magic!" Bard rolls Charisma to seduce the dragon….and succeeds.

    Epilogue: Monk travels the world to become stronger. Strong enough to kill a dragon with one punch. She eventually became known as the Dragon Fist.

    The cleric was inspired by the bard that night, and traveled the world as a poet and storyteller. Grunver Irontotem from then on was known as the Dragon Tongue.

    Lastly the Bard, Namfoodle Garrick, flew away with the dragon and freed the boy from the evil earl and chamberlain. He became known across the lands as the fabled Dragon F***er.

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