tales of a lost realm

This was lore taken from a dying survivor of it. The sage who seeks for its answers learns not all knowledge is good.

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             The tomes of question were given to us by an Elvish man bleeding profusely from every orifice and were horribly burned. he died saying, “The serpents, they have come for me.” Those words stuck to me, what could it have meant, so I studied the tomes but I couldn’t read them they where written in an odd language, it used the draconic alphabet but was not it. My team searched tirelessly for a book or a man to translate it. We found an elderly archaeologist who could read only bits. The man said it was in the language used by the Yuan-ti. It no made sense. “The serpents had come for him,” I mutter to my self. but before we could report back to the other sages, we were attacked. People assault us dressed in dark garb. My fellow colleges didn’t stand a chance. I griped my son and stare to him and he says “Ohne Dich,” then dies. The figures grip me by my arms and drag me away.


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