Tales of Bartanis: Abduction Of The Aarakocra Monk (Revised Pt. 1)

This is the Story of how Bartanis, a 9th level wizard 1sr level Barbarian, abducted our party's 8th level Aarakocra Monk.

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This is more of a meditation for myself then a post regarding a PC I have been playing in D&D who has been setting things in motions that will effect our Party much later down the road. Before continuing, I better give some context as to what is happening with some of the events happening with our party. We have a contract with the King to be his pet adventurers. Our agreement is that we would do favors for him in his kingdom and in return he would grant us access to his castle as well as payment for each mission we succeed in accomplishing.

On a particular mission, we were to capture a criminal who has slashed out the eyes of several soldiers that tried to capture him. I'm not going to go over who all of our characters are but I will say we didn't capture the guy because of something more pressing with one our character's back stories. That wasn’t what got us in trouble, what got the party in trouble was that one of us accepted a bribe to keep silent. Later, the guy would kill a soldier and the party is discovered to have accepted the bribe. Most of the party ends up arrested but that is a story for another time.

One of the characters that doesn't get arrested was our level 8 Aarakocra Monk, who ran from and escaped the authorities. Delving into this character's backstory, he worked for a secret organization (Inspired by Organization 13 from Kingdom Hearts) but left and has been on the run ever since. He joined our party and was one paranoid bird, as the party went on these fun and sometimes whimsical adventures while he was constantly looking out for this organization. As it turns out, he was right to be paranoid but he was better off being arrested with the rest of the party. Out of Game, this player's character had a job and couldn't join the party for our Friday night sessions like he used to. The player talked to the DM and asked if he could do some side adventures with his Monk named Jiko.

Enter my side character Bartanis, a 9th level wizard and 1st level Barbarian Aasimar with an Evil Neutral Alignment, a member of said Organization. Jiko, now on his own, wanted to research better ways take care of himself now that he is on his own and has to defend himself. My character wasn't of looking for Jiko but ended up at the same library, looking for spells in the restricted section on the third floor. Jiko, looking for information, found himself on the same floor as Bartanis. Jiko has no idea Bartanis is on this floor and doesn't find any books he wants. So Jiko flies back down to the second floor, with Bartanis as a tale.

A few dice roles later, my character determines this Aarakocra Monk was wanted by the organization alive. Jiko spots Bartanis but doesn't suspect a man dressed in black, with pale skin, white hair and black pupils was a bad guy from this organization (he isn't a particularly smart bird). However, my character does put him on edge, so Jiko flies down to the first floor to avoid him. My character decides to cast disguise self to make himself look like one of the tenants of the library, a kind middle aged man with a nondescript face. 

Bartanis, shrouded in his disguise, approaches Jiko as he talked to a real librarian. Jiko wanted to check out some books for him to study but the female librarian was busy placing books on higher shelves with her magic. Bartanis approaches Jiko and asks if he could check the books out for him. Jiko agrees to Bartanis' offer but is stopped by the Librarian because she didn't recognize Bartanis. He says to her in a pleasant voice that he started work the day previous and was still new.

The DM looks to me, “Roll a deception check with advantage."

I roll, look at the dice and say calmly, "3"

The DM and Jiko's player lose it, the DM responding, "You rolled that with advantage?”

The lower number was a nat. 1, so I took that 3 with dignity. In game, the Librarian narrows her eyes at Bartanis, "Really? That's funny because the Library was closed yesterday."

Bartanis knew he had to think fast, coming to the conclusion he needs to cast sleep on her. The Librarian uses counter spell, her disgust visible on her face, "What do you think you are going?"

Bartanis responds, "What's the big idea? I noticed one of your books was out of place. I was using mage hand to help you."

"I don't need help." She responds. The DM looks to me, "Make a deception check as she rolls insight against Bartainis."

I roll deception and got an 8, things were looking bleak for Bartanis' and on his first session. The DM looks up, “Ah, it doesn't matter, she rolled a nat. 1."

I felt relieved that she thinks Bartanis is merely a weird guy, allowing Bartanis to check out Jiko's books.

As they walked out of ear shot, Bartanis says to Jiko, "I think you will feel comfortable if you were tired up with rope." casting suggestion.

Jiko fails the wisdom saving throw, helping Bartanis tie his hands and wings. Now, Bartanis found one book that interested him and he knew the books in the library will disappear if they don't go through the checkout. He didn't have dispel magic prepared, so he decides to try to checkout the books. Also, Bartanis didn't want the librarian to realize he was abducting the  Aarakocra Monk. He tries to check out the books, the books disappear.

He hears librarian yell, "I knew it!"

I ask the DM, "Does the Library have stone walls?"

DM, "Yes."

Me, "Bartanis breaks his concentration on suggestion to cast shape stone, making a 5 ft. by 5 ft. hole, throws Jiko through the hole, follows through after him and seal the hole."

The DM allowed it, but notes that Jiko hadn't been given a gag yet. Jiko starts yelling for help and then proceeds to use his teeth the cut his bonds. Yes, the bird monk has human teeth, that has been a running joke in our party. Jiko weakens his bonds but is still bound. Bartanis casts sleep, knocking Jiko out cold before he could break free. He gags Jiko, then casts floating disk, places Jiko on the disk and walks into the woods with his unconscious pray in tow.

Meanwhile, the Librarian watches form a second floor in horrified this would happen on her watch. A minute later, Jiko wakes from sleep but pretends to still be out cold. We end the session there, but the DM noting that Bartanis hasn't bound Jiko's legs. He lats me go ahead had roll a general intelligence check to see if Bartanis remembers to bind his…and roll low. Bartanis, in the heat of the moment, forgets to bind Jiko’s feet.

The story continues in the next session. I will post part two of this story within a week or two.


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