Tension between the Party


Quartine started and my friend messaged me asking if i would like to join his D&D session. i told him i had no experince but would love to. I became a 7' lizardfolk rogue. I was immediatly in jail for stealing a precious jewel and was being shipped onto a boat in the brig. We were attacked by pirates and escaped aboard their boat. I immediatly grew tensions with everyone else and did stuff to piss off the group. Along our journeys there has been bitter fighting between me and one other character, our 3' rockgnome barabarian. My Dm told me after the latest game that he had wanted me and that person to switch bdies but it happend to me and another one instead. Our characters never interacted at all due to the fact they worked for the church and i was drunk 9/10 of the times. We immediatly tried to find a way to switch back. After getting attacked from a Kobold disguised as a 5' spider we found a way out off a waterfall. We jumped off and our one member is afraid of water so as soon as she fell in she latched onto the closest memeber near them who was me. I ended up rolling a 21 strength check to throw her off of me and onto land. By this point we had switched back. On the way back I made a Remark about our rockgnome and he heard it and told me he could hear me. I then grabbed him by the Legs with my whip and tore him to the floor and dragged him closer to me saying " Piss off". He then cut my Precious whip and hit me with his warhammer quare in the chest sending me off the trail. He then threw the end of my whip so hard it burst into flames and was never seen again. Tensions only risen when we went to a general store and i was not permitted to go in because Prior to that i had stolen a Panflute from there. I instanly gave him the finger and walked to the pub/bar. after getting a new whip we went to the bar only for us to fight and bicker a bit more. this time a grabbed him by the collar and told him to stop because i didnt want to be kicked out of there too. He was fighting with our Drow elf Bard about something. She attacked him while i was holding him and the barkeeper swung his warhammer right in their face knocking them through the window. Our one member's character had never drank alcohol before so we were tense about it and tried taking it away from her. they failed until i took it and drank the whole lot of it. On our way out we saw the drow elf being grumpy on the floor and we went to go visit a church official to relay our news to him. As we passed her i grabbed her by the clooar and dragged her along. She didnt resist whatsoever so we jut went to the church 


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