The Angel with arrow magnet plate armor

When your god decides to make an evil prank.


We had a campaign in pathfinder, and we were running Runelords, we had a Angel Paladin, a half blue/half gem dragon in a D&D transformation ability to a human warrior, a red dragon also D&D transformation style as a human barbarian, a kitsune wizard, and myself as a kitsune ronin samurai, I named Sakura. I was built trying to make her a horse riding archer and a clank clank tank on foot. The katana I weilded was useful in the beginning, but as the campaign went forward I saw less and less combat due to all the ranged combative classes, so I switched to my longbow. This is where things took a turn for the worse as the dice gods decided they didn’t like me shifting my focus, and would roll nat 1’s on my to hit, and my direction rolls would always go toward the angel every time, until me and the dragon warrior were aiming for a demon, both using bows, he using a goblin bow since we just killed them. Kicker was he never used a bow before and was a bow size category smaller than him. We both rolled nat 1’s and hit the angel right between the wings. The angel then broke the bows and forbidden my character from using bows most of the campaign until I spent down time training my horse and bow practice. My archery was more spot on with advantage after that, and the dice gods were more in my favor after that, getting some nice hits, even if the angel still twinged at each thung of my bow string. Even though the campaign still was cheesed by the OP draconic party members, it was still fun but it still saddened me I couldn’t have helped more.


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