The backstory of ahon ontalols (ahon on-tail-las)

As some people may have figured out by reading I used the gray necromancer astoshan's class and this character was inspired by said story.


Ahon had grown up in a tribe of nomadic magi, wizards and sages. As a small child we were taught in the art of magic. We worked tirelessly days after day for our whole life. As the son of the chief expectations were high and I filled these expectations. I was always on top mastering magic and combat before any of my peers. We had a happy life with near complete freedom from the outside world and the power to stand up to it. Our tribe was part of a larger group of united tribes of warriors, magia and Master thieves. 

My tribe was told to go collect a magic artifact that’s origins were of the founders of our tribe and one of the

 original members of this alliance of tribes. One night we had set up camp in the woods most of us were still awake with members of our tribe and some of the warrior tribes men from our allies keeping guard. 

I was speaking with my father the chief about how one day it will be my responsibility to watch this tribe one day once he was no longer twined in the coils of mortality when suddenly the wind picked up and it began to rain. This sudden change in weather was unexpected for there were no signs of rain in the day. That should have been our first sign. It was my turn to keep guard when I noticed that some of the plant life was dieing others noticed as well I reported to the chief. That was the second. I was discussing the relic with friends of mine when a strange smell swept the valley. We should have left by now. These things started to stop and happen once more each time more severe than the last. Until… it stopped. It scared everyone at first but after a while it was old news. 

The next morning we began to move forward once more by the end of the day we had set up outside the forest the winds picked up and the same strange events took place again. The following morning we moved forward until we reached the tomb. We sat up camp outside and decided to go in once morning struck. We were all celebrating our arrival and discussing the strange happenings when suddenly the same strange events once more began to transpire more severe this time for longer and more frequently. Then suddenly a high pitched demanding voice rang out from the sky. “ONE OF YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN BY I… THE QUEEN OF SHADOWS TO BECOME MY ETERNAL CHAMPION.”. When this voice spoke the wind would howell and, plants died more quickly and the smell of rotting flesh grew. the voice rang out once more “I SHALL TAKE MY CHAMPION AND TRAIN HIM IN MY WAYS AND I SHALL RETURN HIM TO THIS WORLD WHEN HIS TRAINING IS COMPLETE. I SHALL MARK THE CHILD FOR ALL TO SEE AND ALL TO KNOW WHO I SHALL TAKE FOR ALL TO SAY THEIR GOODBYES”. Suddenly my hair slowly became a dull shade of our white and once people began to notice everyone assumed defensive positions around me, my father staying by my side. 


After a short time the voice rang out once more “YOU HAVE HAD YOUR TIME NOW I TAKE MY CHAMPION”. Suddenly a portal opened in front of me and fine smooth beautiful pale gray arms appeared. My mind went blank and I put my hand in there and they pulled me through the portal with my father desperately trying to pull me back. 

Once I was through I saw a tall beautiful women had pulled me through I don’t know how but I knew she was the one

 who addressed my tibe but when she spoke instead of the broken demanding high pitched voice came a calm relaxed and forgiving voice. “Hello my child I’m aware that you may be scared for you have been taken away from all you know but do not worry I will teach you this art and send you back to your world and if you wish you may seek the tribe you have lost”. 

For the next 13 long years I worked tirelessly to master the arts the mistress had taught me once I had reached my 18th birthday now finished with my training. when she came to me I was practicing my fighting skills on a zombie every time it crumbled I rose it again. She came to me and put her hands in mine and said in her sweat tone “you shall become” she smiles and I smile back with understanding that it was time for me to go “you have been kind to me I shall go and I shall spread your word” I respond in my own sweet grateful understanding tone she looked me in my eyes and says “now go” a portal opened underneath me and I fell through and I find myself hurtling towards a forest I show no fear and land graciously in view of civalvation and ever since I have dedicated my time to honing my craft, and spreading the mistresses word. News spread fast of my arrival as a new gray necromancr on this plain. I knew this is where my journey began.


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