The Bard That Derailed The DMs Plan

This story shows what DMs can do even if their plans are derailed. The Rule of cool a cautionary Tale that it is always gonna be talked about.


Back in the time of my second campaign i started for a friend of mine and 3 of his friends there was a bard i forget his race and the other charcters dont mater as much in this tale.  I subscribe to the rule of cool as a DM because it makes some awsome moments and epic fails.  when making this story the keep they where in was saposed to be longer and harder then it ended up.  I sould say I am a Lover of dark fantasy and this story is routed in this campaign.  There was a encounter they where saposed to do where they fight a mage that ends in them getting a key for a odd book made of skin of enemys.  durning this the party had plently of puzzles hard puzzles i though but they passed them with flying colours.  they ran into a horde of goblins gaurding the book one was a monk who loved to flip around.  the rule of cool with this npc mob was fun even if he failed avery time he tryed to flip over things the party dispatched the goblins with minor difculty her comes the puzzle.  a simple bowl that flows into a group of lines and a plack that says Pour in what grants life inside 3 buckets there was one of sand one of water and one of poison of corse the right awnser was water.  after the party discused it the water was poured in wich opened a secret door with nothing but a odd book in the room siting on a desk.  the book was the tail of the Silent warlord and the Skeleton Dragon as in the warlord and the barbarian from my last story. it was locked and made of skin faced with this as the party argued what to do with the book the bard says can i pick the lock.  taken aback at first i was thinking no but the rule of cool won over it was a hard lock to pick so i was like sure knowing if he failed they would still get the  key in the last room.  the party notices the bard roleing to pick the lock after a long silence he said I roled a 20.  A role of 20 by the rule of cool i use is a crit success so any 20s are auto pass the role.  the bard opened the book and fliped through the pages as they contuied on.  They finaly make it to the room with the mage since they didnt need him i let them kill him with ease and his minion it was the rule of cool that makes this story possable it is funny how the rule of cool makes moments like this.  as a dm dont be scared of the rule of cool dont be scared to say you can try because some times they make moments like this.


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