The breaking of Chains

My character, Kalbis, after seeking what has always been missing in his life, finds he had it all along.

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A copy of the full speech if you want to adjust the wording at all.  I have a story to share, one where a character of mine truly hits home for the first time as a veteran player. One of a tiefling character of mine who goes from silver spoon, to nothing, to finding what really matters in life.  My character, Kalbis, was born as the last son of a minor noble family. He has two siblings who are both very good at their livelihoods, that of the sword and magic respectively. When Kalbis is discovered to not have gifts on par with his siblings. He is ignored, treated like a stray dog in his own parents house. His coming of age ceremony, his 18th birthday, is ignored. With the help of his maid, Larissa, he draws the ritual symbols to summon a being to this world to become a warlock. He sought power not for revenge, not for personal gain, but for the desire to be acknowledged by his family. He makes a deal with the god of chaos to become their champion in the material plane when the time comes. Remember this for later. Kalbis’ parents discover this and are horrified. They disown him from the family and remove his name of the book of family history. 18, he is alone, with little skills and must find a way to survive. Using his power he does various odd jobs over the countryside. He ends up meeting a group years later that he falls in with. They adventure back to his home city, a place that he has not been for 4 years. The group stumbles across a conspiracy to kill the emperor of the empire in which the group resides. Through various encounters and near death experiences, and a loss of one party member to gain another, Kalbis returns to the home of his parents, the group in tow behind him. He enters the house of his parents, the place where he grew up knowing little love and affection as a surge of his power rages beneath the surface. His brother brings his parents to the dining room. He tells them why he returned to the city, saying if they wish to kill him, that is fine with him. Ask a question, I say. The DM, as my parents, asks why did I do it? I reply, why did I make the deal? They nod, I reply, I made the deal because I sought to gain from you what you would not give. I desired your love, your acknowledgement and recognition. None of which we gave me during my 18 years living here. I was a dog in a gilded cage with only scraps thrown my way. Did I want for anything material? Nay, but I was missing that which makes us human. I go on for a few more minutes, outlining how it felt to be a stranger within your own home. I did small deeds for my parents at parties growing up, gaining the family small bits of clout which were never acknowledged by my parents. I finish telling my speech, I push off from the table, knuckles white as I glare at my parents. Now listen closely, I do not regret my decisions, as I made a decision for myself back then. The first step on the road to recognizing my own self worth, my own value, and my freedom. I will not be a bird in a cage any longer, I say as I turn, my cloak billowing and swishing behind myself as I walk away. My parents simmering in rage what I have dare spoken. I will never return here, I am not of your blood, I am not your kin, and you, I point to each of them. My brother, my mother and my father, are not my family any longer. The only person I acknowledge as kin is Larissa, my sister, and the group I travel with. As this moment ends, I am feeling emotionally lighter both in character and out of game as things grow quiet. DM asks for a perception roll from me, something I am notoriously poor at. I manage to roll well and notice that my patron appears in a mirror and offers a nod, and a smile. That night, my tiefling has a dream where his patron knights him, making him into his champion, a paladin of chaos, a hexblade warlock. I still play the character to this day, my freed of his bonds, one of his own making, tiefling who seeks to maintain the balance between order and chaos in this world.


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