The Corrupted Goddess’s Son

The heartbreaking story of Ster and his mother who also happens to be the god of sun.

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I’m playing a campaign in 5e in a world that I entirely created myself. I’m playing this campaign with two groups and this story is from group 2.

A little backstory. In this world the gods have fallen to earth after a grand betrayal millennia ago and have since gone on to lead regular lives. While they maintain much of their power they are trapped in human bodies drastically reducing their former strength.

Our party consist of Aventeri the changeling puppetmaster, NiFern the Elven cleric, Coda the warforged bard, Bone’s who is a white dog with Paladin powers, Snaknut the artificer, and Ster the Divine soul sorcerer. Quite a colorful party.

This story however revolves around Ster. You see Ster is the direct descendant of Christina Suncrest, goddess of the sun. The fallen gods rallied around the belief that Ster was an abomination and that gods and mortal should not mate. Eventually all the harassment got to her and she reluctantly forced her husband and child out of the kingdom.

Que twenty five years later where the party meets Ster mid game. The party knows Christina as a tyrannical ruler who uses her immense divine power to smite all those who have been deemed unworthy. The party finds Ster living with his elderly father in a quiet monastery in an Elven forest ruled over by the goddess of life. The same monastery NiFern was from.

The party had been tasked with ending Christina’s reign of terror and returned to the monastery to contemplate a game plan.

Ster, overhearing the atrocities his mother was accused of refused to believe it was true. He had to see her for himself.

Thus he joined the party. The only mage they knew of capable enough to control the mind of a god was an orc shaman. She would implant crystals into the mind of her victims like parasites which would allow her full control over them.

The party was immediately attacked by an controlled battle ogre and a fight insued. The fight was long and difficult with all of the ogres attacks dealing heavy damage and knocking his targets prone. They pulled through by sheer force of will and thanks to a bit of mind control on courtesy of Coda.

As the orc shaman was on her last legs she began preparing to drop meteor swarm on the entire island she had called home. The party prepared for a TPK as I explained the intense heat that suddenly radiated from her body.

No meteor storm came.

Instead standing over a charred and severed corpse stood Christina. As her golden wings spread and light shimmered off her perfect features the entire party had finally met the Tyrant they’d heard so much about.

Christina has sensed her sons danger and came to the rescue without hesitation.

Ster was in tears and his player was speechless at the appearance of his mother. She promptly embraced him and apologized for ever leaving him. A tearful reunion insued as in the parties eyes Christina had redeemed herself as a person. In the coming months they discovered that within her kingdom there was no sickness, poverty, or starvation. Christina was loved and worshiped as both a queen and a god. To Ster however, she was every bit the loving mother he could have dreamed for.

The island Christina lived on, Denizen, was ruled by for kings each having their own cities and a high king who lived in the capital. The position of high king was currently open and as honored guest of the god queen they were allowed into the grand palace where a vote would be held among the kings to decide who would take the high kings throne. In the midst of the talks assassin burst from seemingly nowhere and stabbed each of the kings killing two instantly.

Roll for initiative.

The party decided to help the survivors escape. Despite protest from a bleeding Christina. The part quickly became overwhelmed and decided it was there turn to escape. To their surprise when they exited the castle they looked up to see a massive mirror in the shape of a sun. Christina stood at the top and without a word fired a sunbeam into the object they’d later call the crystal sun. The crystal sun, being a remnant from her godhood enhanced Christina’s magic to the point that the sunbeam vaporized the room the party was just in toppling the floor above and caving in the roof.

With that, Christina was high queen.

Move forward a month into the campaign and the party discovered that the leader of the assassin that led the assault lived in the city run by the other surviving queen.

The party returned to Christina and promptly told his mother about the assassin. Without a word she stood, walked to her balcony and flew up to the massive sun shaped mirror on her roof. Ster knew what she was going to do, it was time for her divine wrath. The look in her eyes held a cold fury as she looked in the direct of the rival queens kingdom.

Ster begged taking an hour in real time to attempt to calm his mother. The speeches on both sides were enough to break the hearts off all those listening intently at the table.

With a heavy heart, Ster eventually conceded.

The last thing his mother said to him was.

“I knew you’d come around”

We faded to black as the rival queen and her subject were consumed in a flaming strike big enough to consume the city turning it into a pile of ash.


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