The DM made an impossible sun puzzle (also a song about it)


Right, so a bit of background to the game. We are currently playing, 'Chivalry and Sorcerery', an early competitor to D&D. We are a large party, consisting of; three wood elves, a viking and a knight.

We were chasing a ship across the ocean after slaying demons in a church. The last two and a half sessions had been one long, ship-to-ship combat. We had decided that, as we were low on water, we would go to the docks and get some before going back on course. The DM got annoyed at this, and said he's going to have to re-write the campaign or we will run out of time and the world will end. I felt bad for derailing, but can see some easy ways for us to get back on track.

Next session: We are sailing along, everything is normal. All of a sudden, one of the crew looks up and says, 'Oh look, the sun's gone'. Apparently the sun had disappeared, but the light still shone, and we could see where it would have been.


We thought it was some sought of light puzzle, and we had just recieved some magic items that he had very specifically described. We had three amulets; one with the symbol of a broken arrow, one with an axe, and an eagle. I tried doing stuff with them, reflecting them from the light, putting them where the sun should be, etc.


The knight looked through a giant emerald to see if the sun was visible through that.


After about 2 hours realtime, we couldn't figure it out. When we tried to sail away, the DM said that if we didn't figure it out, he might as well end the campaign now.

Eventually, the 'captain' (totally not the GM), started to become angry with us, and suggests we should obviously try to sail in the direction of the sun.

Yeah. Obviously.

(Yes that was the answer, and no there was nothing in the campaign so far that would given us any clues.)

Also, VagrantDog and AstralMarmot on reddit, who are clearly talented beautiful people, changed the lyrics of 'The House of the Rising Sun':

There is,

a boat,

in this campaign,

beneath the missing sun,

It's been,

the ruin,

of many a game,

and mine,

I know,

was one…


tell your children,

not to do what I have done,

spend two hours,

trying to read his mind,

for the DM,

I know,

has none…


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